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High quality screencap galleries and downloads.

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Created on 2009-05-01 03:17:21 (#142503), last updated 2009-05-03 (441 weeks ago)

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Name:In A Dream Caps
Location:California, United States of America
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Community description:High Quality Screen Caps from Movies, TV, Music Videos, and more!

Welcome to In A Dream Caps! A community full of HIGH QUALITY screen caps from a variety of tv shows, movies, music videos and trailers. Posts are made frequently and provide not only a zip file download, but a gallery as well! Several cappers have their dvd lists posted and open for requests. So please, feel free to join and stay up to date with everything we have to offer. :D Our gallery has caps of over 115 films and 30 different tv shows.

ONE: Credit is a MUST! Credit [community profile] inadream_caps, or the capper themselves, it doesn't matter! Just make sure you credit!
TWO: No hotlinking! Webspace is EXPENSIVE! Please don't make us have to pay for your hosting too. Plus, Meg is a whiz and can tell who's hotlinking. She will hunt you down and have Jenn go all evil!sammy on you!
THREE: Comments make us happy and want to cap more for you guys! So please leave us happy lovely comments and we will give you more caps! :D
FOUR: PLEASE do not claim as your own, that sucks. And sucking isn't cool!

The site is created and hosted by Meg: [personal profile] telltale

But the site wouldn't be where it is with out our lovely cappers: Bekka: [ profile] nightcomes, Jenn: [ profile] toxxxicgurl, Jen: [ profile] dieseled, Joya: [ profile] potthead, Nikole: [ profile] twolefts, and Sarah: [ profile] killmotion! :D
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